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Kayseri Governor Şehmus Günaydın, who participated in the inspection on Millet Avenue within the scope of the Kovid-19 inspections carried out throughout the country, made a mask, distance and cleaning warning to the tradesmen in the historical Grand Bazaar.

Günaydın, who inspected a shop that sells wedding clothes. About the importance of the measures taken to the tradesmen and employees.

Have Merve Boluğur and Uncle Burak separated? He said that it was allowed, but restrictions were imposed upon the detection of the virus spreading in such places.

“We opened weddings, but it was observed that the rules were not followed”

In the interviews with the patients, it was determined that the virus was generally spread at weddings. Good morning, said:

The man whose wife did not have sexual intercourse was terrifiedWorld

“Our Chief Physician the information provided; The 80-year-old aunt is still in the hospital now. During the interview, ‘Where did you go for 72 hours?’ he is asked. She tells that she went to 5 weddings. We opened the weddings, but it was seen that the rules were not followed. If we act without rules, then the number of cases increases and restrictions come. Saying that these 15 days are very important, do not take your loved ones out unless needed, pay attention to your masks, distance and cleanliness. “

Saying that they assign fixed teams to weddings and take all kinds of precautions, Günaydın said that as the measures increased, some citizens went to the surrounding provinces to have weddings. he said.

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this attention to those who live in the provinces! .. Meteorology warned with a yellow code! Turkey


consultation with managers of other provinces re-measures Günaydın explained that they had started illegal weddings this time, they detected two weddings without permission yesterday evening and took legal action.

Good morning, “If we show the effort we use to avoid the measures taken, we will show these numbers for distance and cleanliness. We will reverse it in 15 days. ” Reminding that it was determined that he was working, Good morning, “They say ‘How will he earn his bread?’ If these friends stay home for 14 days, their money is already paid. There were other employees, we identified them. We put a team to the houses that were in isolation. They are visited and checked every two days. It was seen that only 1 person was not in the house of the 2,200 people in quarantine.


Governor Günaydın, He warned the shopkeepers who were drinking tea on stools in front of the workplace without observing the distance.

When a tradesman complained about the shopkeepers who did not wear masks, Governor Günaydın said, “I do not make my right to take off his mask after I leave.”

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