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The Spanish Ministry of Health, announced the total number of cases as 543 thousand 379 yesterday, updated to 554 thousand 143 with an increase of 10 thousand 764 today.

While 1 third of the new cases were seen in Madrid, Basque, Aragon and An increase was also observed in the regions of Andalusia.

It was also noted that 249 people died in the last 7 days from Kovid-19, and the total number of deaths from the epidemic increased to 29 thousand 699.

The last 7 in the country It was reported that there were 2132 Kovid-19 patients who were treated in the hospital daily, 171 of them were in intensive care.

Evaluating the latest data, Fernando Simon, head of the Kovid-19 combat unit of the Ministry of Health of Spain, said, ” We cannot see the effect of returning and opening schools before next week. In the last two weeks, there has been an increase in Kovid-19 cases between the ages of 10-19, but the majority of new cases are between the ages of 20-39. ” said.

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On the other hand Spain the outbreak of the most intense seen in the capital Madrid doctors, Kovid-19 cases in which a solution concentration in the relevant hospital and with the demands of the starting September 28 on the grounds that the rest decided to go on an indefinite strike.

As the new school year in kindergartens and primary schools started in Madrid from Tuesday, one class in each of three schools was quarantined due to Kovid-19 cases.

Similar situation, Spain ‘ While it was seen in schools in other parts of the country, parents demonstrated in Galicia in the north of the country on the grounds that Kovid-19 measures were insufficient.

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Last situation in Portugal

Portugal Health The Ministry announced that 3 people died and 585 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours from Kovid-19.

The highest daily case increase since April was recorded yesterday with 646.

In Portugal, where the death toll increased to 1852, the epidemic broke out. Since its inception, 62 thousand 126 cases have been detected.

The highest number of cases in the country has been recorded in France

According to the statement made by the Public Health Institution, daily cases in the country The number continues to increase.

The number of infected people in France increased by 9 thousand 843 in the last 24 hours to 353 thousand 944. With the death of 19 people in hospitals, the loss of life reached 30,813.

In the country where 5,96 people, 615 of whom were in intensive care, were treated in hospitals due to Kovid-19, the number of those who recovered increased by 218 to 88,742.

While the increase in the number of people in intensive care in the country continued, the rate of positive results of Kovid-19 tests rose to 5.4 percent. The course of the epidemic continues to deteriorate in the country.

President Emmanuel Macron is expected to announce new decisions to be taken on the epidemic tomorrow.

The Scientific Committee announced that the country is concerned about the second wave in autumn or winter. .

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