Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül was a guest of Hakan Çelik’s Weekend program on CNN TÜRK.

Highlights from Minister Gül’s statements are as follows:


E-hearing was a dream before the pandemic. We launched it as a pilot in Ankara this week. We talked to our lawyer friends, they are very pleased. They say, “We didn’t expect that much,” they say. Trials are carried out from their offices without going to court. We will expand it to Istanbul and other provinces after Ankara. Our goal will be widespread in 2021. in. This was our dream, which is a lot significance.

Macro from Turkey to açıklamasıdüny


Never unacceptable. I also condemn strongly. As a matter of fact, the judiciary has done what is necessary. The investigation is ongoing. While those who practice such professions should have a more encompassing unifying role, this can never be approved. This is a vandalism.

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