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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca used the following statements in his statement on his social media account:

“The disease made us cry”

“Today we saw a video shot in front of Tuzla State Hospital. In the video, a young man who said he had Covid-19 but the hospital did not admit it, asked for help. The test of a young man named Ensari Koç was positive on August 30 and his medication was started. After his treatment, the result of the control test performed on September 10 was negative. So he got over the disease.

“Tested again”

Today, upon the request for help, the examinations were carried out again in Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital, Covid-19 finding was not found. There is no health condition that would require hospitalization.

In the meeting with him; He says that when his illness was heard, he was not accepted to the construction site where he was working and to the house of his relatives. For this reason, accommodation in a guesthouse was provided, but he did not want it. He stated that he had met with his workplace and would return there again. I send my get well wishes to our patient.

We have to be more sensitive than ever in this sensitive period that is sweeping the whole world. Let’s join together to be the winner of the fight ”

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We have to be more sensitive than ever in this sensitive period that is sweeping the world. Let’s be together to be the winner of the fight.

– Dr. Fahrettin Koca (@drfahrettinkoca) September 12, 2020

What happened?

Stating that a citizen was suffering from the corona virus, who was suffering from the mobile phone camera while sitting on a bench in front of the Tuza State Hospital, Ensari Koç stated that he was waiting for help.

Ensari Koç used the following expressions:

“I am a patient with Covid 19. I was working in Gaziosmanpaşa. The construction sites did not accept me, they fired me. I am in Tuzla right now. I came to my relatives, they did not take me. I have no other place to go now. I am in front of Tuzla State Hospital. .

I stayed on the street tonight, I have no other place to go. I can’t go anywhere, I’m in front of the hospital right now. I am in a very difficult situation, I am a victim. I was not hospitalized. I am unwell, have difficulty breathing, I constantly cough, I have a headache, I am weak. Nobody helps me. “

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