Highlights from the statements made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Institution are as follows:

– (Elazig earthquake) We finished our first residences in Sürsürü and we will deliver them.

– Until the end of this year 8 thousand in Elazig, 2 thousand in Malatya, we will finish our 10 thousand houses and deliver them to our citizens. “

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– (Flood in Giresun) Projects that need to be done We are planning, we are managing the infrastructure-related processes incredibly fast.

– (Flood disaster in Giresun) We will complete the construction of Yeni Dereli as soon as possible and deliver it until the 6th month of next year.

– In total, investments worth 2 billion lira in Dereli, Giresun and Doğankent are made by our relevant ministries.

– (Climate change) We will encounter events we have not seen before in our country. Heavy rainfall, floods, landslides are more frequent will begin to be seen.

– Now you can change the zoning plan on parcel basis. We are removing it completely.

– We will have managed our cities in a way that is more planned, with a smooth silhouette, and does not damage the surrounding, neighbor and the parcel.

– Since 2012, we have transformed 1 million 410 thousand houses. This is a serious number.

– We will make the deposit system mandatory for all producers. Deposit application to be launched in 2021.

– we saw risk in Turkey, 6.7 million had to be converted into housing. Approximately 1.5-2 million of them are in Istanbul.

– TOKI has transformed 160 thousand houses so far. Our project of 30 thousand residences in Istanbul is actually continuing. We are completing the project we started in 1-1.5 years.

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