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Organized every year by the International BodyBuilding & Fitness Federation, Mr. Olympia Las Vegas is the highest quality bodybuilding championship organized on a world scale. Held in Spain to participate in this competition, Mr. It is necessary to reach the title of champion of champions in Olympia Spain. Mr. Only 1 Turkish has attended Olympia Las Vegas so far. Cemre Ozdemir succeed in competitions in Spain and Turkey participated in the competition, representing the United States 2. Turkey that will win the title. Özdemir said, “I am proud of myself that I will have the chance to achieve this success in 70 years.

I am working really hard to represent our country in the international arena in the best possible way, ”he said. “Currently, the championship has been postponed due to the coranavirus epidemic, but the federation will find a solution to this situation by taking the necessary measures,” Özdemir said, “The competition will be held in Spain. The probable date looks like 2021, ”he said.

“Sport made me healthy”

Özdemir, who has had the opportunity to prove himself in the field of bodybuilding since 2007, said, “I had a really difficult childhood. I had to be treated for Leukemia in my childhood. After I regained my health, I gave myself to sports. The strength that keeps me up is sports, the only factor that helps me regain my health. My passion for bodybuilding has connected me to life ”.

Özdemir has achieved many successes in bodybuilding. “In 2007, I achieved my first success by winning the Atatürk Cup. World Championship in 2012. This was followed by the selection of Turkey. Again in 2012, Esj. Grand Prix of the 2013 European Championships in Turkey in 2014, Mr. Universe- Did Not Place followed. I attended the 2018 Turkey World Championship Selection.

In 2019 I represented our country in Europe to choose Turkey as “speaking Ozdemir,” My current target Mr. Olympia Championship. I’m working hard to add a new one to my successes. “I will continue my work without a breath until the championship.”

Saying that he was born in Istanbul in 1988, Özdemir said, “I continued to improve myself alongside my sports career. I studied Business Administration at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty. After this stage, I completed my history education at Istanbul University ”. “All athletes need to improve themselves in different areas.

I advocate that the athletes representing our country in the world should definitely be versatile. ”Özdemir said,“ My advice to young athletes is to improve themselves in all areas of life. They should definitely take care of their education ”.


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