Adnan K., who worked as a trustee at the Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute, earning an average monthly salary of 4 thousand lira, and Mesut Ö, who took part in extraordinary positions in the directorate. Serdar T. Mustafa G. and Gülperi A., who was working as a 6-month temporary worker, allegedly had a luxurious life and a person suspected of getting on the latest model cars to the Adana Police Department’s Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) Branch Directorate of the Financial Bureau. and filed a complaint.

Upon this complaint, the police started technical and physical follow-up of the suspects with the permission of the prosecutor’s office. As a result of the follow-up, it was determined that the fiduciary working at Adana Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute demanded extra money from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry under the name of salary and expense, and transferred the incoming money to the bank accounts of him and his 4 colleagues and a relative. With the follow-ups, it has been determined that the suspects have transferred 3 million 181 thousand 657 liras to their accounts since 2017.

Terrible incident in Australia! The world


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After the operation, the police expanded the investigation and examined the assets of 5 suspects, 1 of which was female. Adnan K., one of the suspects, has requested additional allowances from the ministry under the name of service, food, clothing and additional expenses since 2017, and the money received is Mesut Ö. It was learned that Serdar T. Mustafa G. and Gülperi A. It was learned that the suspects belonged to Adnan K., among them 35 immovable properties he had in his toilet, and that his wife and son had the latest model car. In addition, it was revealed that the 3-year account movement of the suspect was 2 million 380 thousand liras.

Again, it was claimed that the account movement of the house and field, 2 cars on Mesut Ö.’s wife was 500 thousand liras. On behalf of Gülperi A., it was claimed that the luxury car account transaction was 300 thousand liras. It was claimed that Serdar T. and Mustafa G. also had large amounts of cash in their accounts. Gülperi was determined to transfer money to the account of his mother’s.

Gendarmerie and the myth of the common operasyontürki

​​accept anticipating suspects questioned the safety charges. He claimed that they borrowed money from Adnan K. Later, the police decided to confiscate all the assets of the suspects.

After their interrogation, 5 suspects, 1 of whom were women, were arrested.

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