While forest fires on the west coast of the USA have resulted in the deaths of at least 26 people in the last month, Andrew Phelps, Director of the Oregon Emergency Management Office, said: I can say we expect mass deaths. ”

Oregon Governor Kate Brown also said that more than 1 million hectares of forest fires burned to ashes and dozens of people are still missing.

Governor Brown, Oregon, said a total of 500 each year. He described the fires that caused the evacuation of 10 percent of the state population asunprecedented ”, noting that the area of ​​close to a thousand acres was damaged by fires, but the area that burned in a few weeks this year reached twice that.

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Washington officials complain of unfounded denunciations

the huge losses sustained fire on the West Side In Washington, one of the states he gave to, officials expressed that they were tired of false reports of arson to fire departments.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office reported Washington residents, individual arson rumors, demonstrations against racism and police violence in the US. He called on Antifa members to stop spreading unfounded rumors such asconspiracy to set fire along the west coast.it is causing the local fire and police departments working during the day to waste valuable resources. Please help us only by sharing verified information from official sources. ” Expressions were included.

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Most fatalities in California

In California, the state that first started the fire, in August, in the midst of emerging and still continuing with full speed The number of deaths in fires reached 20.

9 bodies were reached in the northern part of the state where forest fires continue in the last week’s search and rescue efforts.

In California, where the most damage was experienced, 15 August Since 13,000 lightning has caused more than 900 fires, more than 64,000 people have been evacuated, more than 12,500 square kilometers of woodland have been destroyed.

US President Donald Trump, California continued California Governor Gavin Newsom also said that Trump’s disaster declaration would help those affected by fires in the state with crisis counseling, shelter and other social services.

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