A sandstorm occurred in Ankara’s Polatlı district. A huge cloud of dust covered the town. The storm is effective in the western and northern parts of the city.

Fırtına also affected the electricity and natural gas lines in Polatlı.

Dust storm occurred in Polatlı district of Ankara. . The sky turned dark because of the storm. It was learned that electricity and telephone lines were cut in some parts of Polatlı, which was in total darkness due to the dust cloud. On the other hand, it was seen that houses and vehicles remained in dust and strong winds were blowing. Stating that they were very afraid of the incident, the citizens used the expressionWe suddenly lived the night”.

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The storm was not limited to Polatlı and it hit Eskişehir as well as Ankara Center.

Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin said, “According to the first determinations made by our teams upon the strong wind incident in Polatlı and its surrounding districts, 6 citizens were slightly injured due to objects flying in the air, and there is no evidence of any other loss of life or property for now.

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