issued by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan signatureFamily Practice Regulations Amending the Payment and Contract Regulationswith family physicians and family health workers to Covidien-19 arrived in additional payments gospel because of epidemic.

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Health Minister Fahrettin Husband sharing his Twitter account, “affected by the epidemic can not serve family physicians and family health from the salaries of employees no longer cuts can not be done. In addition, according to the COVID-19 patient follow-up, an additional payment will be given for 3 months. Good luck to our healthcare professionals, whose labor is unrequited. ”

With the provisional article added to the Regulation with the headingAdditional payments to be made due to the COVID-19 pandemic”, it will be valid as of August 1, 2020, for a period of three months, without being subject to the principles set forth in this regulation, a net monthly fee of 3 With the gross amount of the additional payment to be made pursuant to this article, it will be possible to make an additional payment in the amount determined by the Ministry of Health, taking into account the number of registered people followed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, not exceeding one thousand lira, and family health workers net monthly 850 lira. The sum of the social security premium or deductions to be paid by the state shall not exceed 6 times the ceiling fee for family physicians and 1.5 times the ceiling fee for family health personnel. or with the appointment periods in the trainings given by the directorate and the health report provided that it is approved by the Ministry. The periods in which they could not be on duty due to the contagious and epidemic disease announced by the Ministry or to the risk of being caught will be included in the number of days worked, provided that it is certified and approved by the directorate.

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The family physicians and family health elements of the Regulation; Continuation of the service if they are assigned for in-service trainings stipulated by the Ministry of Health or if they are assigned elsewhere by the governorship in emergency situations and extraordinary situations such as natural disasters, or if they are caught by the Ministry of infectious and epidemic diseases announced by the Ministry or if they cannot be on duty due to the risk of being caught The directorate will take necessary measures.

In the meantime, the phraseLaw on Family Medicine Pilot Implementationin the regulation and contract examples in question has been changed toFamily Medicine Law”.

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