The fight took place in front of the Kahta State Hospital Morgu. Kamile Kutlu, who was treated at the Kahta State Hospital the previous day, died. The previous evening, a quarrel broke out between relatives to bury the body of the person taken to the morgue. After the debate that started with the burial of the body turned into a fight, the security guards and the police intervened in the fight. Relatives who came to the front of the morgue to take and bury the body argued again. This time the fight got even bigger. The sides attacked each other with kicks and punches as well as stones and sticks. Dozens of people turned to involving battlefield in the fight.

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Police teams opened fire into the air reservation difficulty in separating fighting. Police teams that intervened in the fight with pepper gas barely separated the parties.

Violence in Balıkesir! Kayınbab in-law and daughter-in öldürdütürki beaten to

The parties were controlled with the arrival of reinforcements. While 6 people were injured in various parts of the fight, the police detained 5 people. It was learned that a gun was found on a detained person.

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