President Erdogan, Turkeymade a brief opening statement on Iran Cooperation Council.

President Erdogan, “Unfortunately we have had to do with this meeting our video conferencing ingenuity due to the epidemic. Nevertheless, we have shown the will realize our meeting is a message that even greatly important. Turkey and Iran dialogue has a decisive role in the solution of many regional problems. With the easing of the epidemic conditions I believe our cooperation will return to its former levels. ” he spoke.

Wishing God’s mercy to the Iranian citizens who lost their lives in the Kovid-19 epidemic, and urgent healing to those who continue to be treated, Erdogan said, “We have shown that we are with the Iranian people with the medical equipment and aid materials we sent in the first periods of the epidemic. I believe that we will come together. ” He spoke as.

President Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

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Despite the increasing number of cases in recent days as Turkey continues to keep under our epidemic control. On the one hand the latest technology in the new hospital we equip health care system, our strengthening in production on the other hand, exports, we are trying to base our economy on tourism back on track. Our Lord Koran Kerim heralds to us that there is a convenience surely with all the difficulties. I hope this epidemic process from I think we will emerge much stronger as countries in the region, Turkey and Iran together. Today, both dual need our friends all these issues about our international cooperation will contribute to our council. follow our bilateral relations, the decisions we make here today I believe it will accelerate the issues. “

Pointing out that ministers have duties that are of great importance to the implementation of the decisions, Erdogan said, “I would like to express again that I wish to meet you as soon as possible after overcoming the epidemic.used the expression.

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