The flag was changed on FOX TV Main News and Fatih Portakal, who decided to leave the post, handed over the seat to Selçuk Tepeli.

Fatih Portakal, who transferred his position to Selçuk Tepeli, appeared on FOX TV as a guest and made statements.

Fatih Portakal, who announced the reason for the separation on live broadcast for the first time, also gave an emotional speech at the closing of the main news bulletin. While Fatih Portakal was addressing the audience for the last time, his inability to control his tears and his voice bifurcated did not go unnoticed.

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Why did he say goodbye?” Answering the question, Portakal said, “Everyone wrote something, said something. I said to myself are you happy? I’m happy. But I said, can I be happier. I found the answer to this question not in Istanbul, but in Izmir.

Fatih Portakal’s farewell speech is as follows:

I’m not a legend, everyone He set up a script, but what I say is very important. I found happiness in Izmir. There were those who were sad, but no one was replaced. The team on Fox TV is already very good. I did the reporter and the front of the screen properly. Doğan Şentürk is very He tried to turn me around, but I am the person who goes up to his head. I started to repeat myself, I am tired of it now. I haven’t watched television for 3 months now, nothing has changed. You notice your closest rival, no competition. I will not do it either, I am not a farmer. I want to live in the rhythm of the soil. With my wife, we are making an ancestral seed. “

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I was very sorry for people not to be hurt because of me. Doğan Şentürk faced the problems in this respect. I introverted b I’m a man, I don’t talk much, I won’t talk again. I informed Doğan Şentürk in July, I was a little late on that issue and apologized. I’m tired of dunking every ball now. I want to watch the quieter seasons pass. They say he got scared, ran away, the government paid money, no such thing. “

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We met with Doğan Şentürk for the last time in Istanbul. p>

The statement of Fatih Portakal from the owner of Olay TV!

The owner of the channel, Fatih Portakal, who resigned from his position as Fox TV Main News anchorman, will appear before the audience on Olay TV A statement came from Cavit Çağlar.

The owner of Olay TV, Cavit Çağlar, made a statement to Spokesperson Serpil Yılmaz on the subject. Cavit Çağlar underlined that Fatih Portakal will not be on the channel.

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