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Nach den erhaltenen Informationen, the incident took place in the neighborhood of Mücahitler in the Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep. Allegedly, workers working in the construction of Gaziray encountered a male body in the puddle at the construction site early in the morning.

After the workers reported the situation to the police teams, many police teams were dispatched to the scene. The police teams who came to the scene made examinations on the place and the body.

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Immediately after the investigations, it was determined that the body belonged to Orhan K. (44). Following the examination of the dead body of Orhan K., Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality came to the scene Underwater search was removed from where it was found by rescue teams.

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removed from its location corpse, then work on the scene for an autopsy While the Gaziantep Forensic Medicine Institute was taken to the morgue, it was learned that the exact cause of death will become clear after the autopsy report. yeni adresi olarak belirlendi. giriş işlemini yaptıktan sonra üye olarak %100 Hoşgeldin ödülü kazanabilirsin.

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