In the Hacıbozlar District of Burhaniye district, the father Bahri Dönmez divided the inherited garden between his sons Ramazan Dönmez, Ali Dönmez and Aykut Dönmez, who were constantly in dispute due to its use. The father, who brought a cadastre officer to the village the previous morning, had the stakes nailed and marked in the garden, which was divided between his sons.

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​​The earlier start of Ramadan is often not between brothers living Dönmez wife Judy from the garden because of the dispute, allegedly pulled out of the gravel piles in the evening. After a while, father Bahri Dönmez and his sons Ali Dönmez and Aykut Dönmez, who saw that the stakes were removed, started to fight with his brothers Ramazan Dönmez. Çiğdem Dönmez, who saw her husband fight and intervened to separate him, was killed by his father-in-law and brother-in-law by being beaten with a shovel and a stick. Ramazan Dönmez was wounded.

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Bahri Dönmez and his sons Ali-Aykut Dönmez, who were detained by the gendarmerie, were arrested at the courthouse where they were transferred and sent to prison.

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