Minister Selcuk, ‘coterie of Turkeymeetings within the scope of Turkey met with guidance counselors who work around-counselors. Speaking at the teleconference attended by teachers with their children, Minister Selçuk drew attention to the role of counselors in supporting children socially and emotionally. Minister Selçuk said, “Thanks to you, schools are not only places where academic grades are spoken, but are becoming institutions where the development of our children is taken into account in all aspects. Everyone understood that there is a lot of work for you, guidance counselors and psychological counselors in terms of the emotional state of families and children.

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Minister Selçuk emphasized that counselors and psychological counselors, along with other teachers, have shown a great sacrifice in order to support children and their families during the coronavirus epidemic process, and said, “From now on, these works are very willing and by showing your heart. , I am sure that you will do it with all your heart. We say, “We will open schools together with confidence.a your stance really matters a lot. In the process of opening schools, your efforts to support and empower our families emotionally, reach our children in this sense, and support our fellow teachers will strengthen our entire education family and country. We know that we need your support so that we can go through this process in a healthier way. I advance, I thank you for every effort you showed, I offer my love, “he said.

President Erdogan in Sivas Congress mesajıtürki


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