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According to recent evaluations, the northern and inner parts of the country are fragmented and partly cloudy, the coastal part of Rize, Artvin and the inner parts of Trabzon, Giresun and Ordu and the eastern districts of Samsun with light and local rainfall, It is estimated that other places will be less cloudy and clear.

????14 September 2020- (Monday) ????Beware of Strong Wind! ????️Air temperature: It is estimated to watch over 5 degrees. pic.twitter.com/vxL3wAgQsI

Meteorology (MGM) (@meteoroloji_twi) September 14, 2020

It is estimated that temperatures will be 3 to 5 degrees above the seasonal norms throughout the country.

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Rebars, stones, weapons… Deceased and injured people ..! Including children too! Turkey

Wind generally north and northeast, the Mediterranean coast with light from the west and southwest direction in Southeastern Anatolia, occasionally moderate strength, Marmara and North Aegean coasts, the Middle Black Sea inland with in Sivas and Yozgat circles It is expected to blow strongly (30-60 km / h) from the north and northeast directions. Accordingly, a warning was given to be careful and cautious against any possible negative effects.

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