The accident occurred in the location of Sinan Mahallesi, on the Gaziantep-Nizip highway. According to the allegation, the Skoda brand vehicle with 34 BJS 643 plates, which went from the direction of Nizip to the direction of Gaziantep, collided head-on with the Tofaş brand vehicle with the plate 27 N 2498 as a result of faulty overtaking. Meanwhile, 34 ZJ 1264 plate plainclothes police vehicle and 27 BPE 10 plate van, which were cruising behind the Tofaş brand vehicle, were thrown into the roadside culvert by making sudden maneuvers to avoid the accident.

4 people lost their lives

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As a result of the accident, there was a life market and 4 people, 2 of whom were children, died in the Tofaş brand vehicle. A total of 9 people in 4 vehicles were injured in the accident. The wounded were taken to hospitals in Gaziantep after the first response phase by the medical teams who came to the scene. While the traffic on the Gaziantep-Nizip highway remained closed for about two hours due to the accident, the road was reopened to the traffic flow after the crime scene investigation and the removal of the bodies.

A large-scale investigation was started regarding the accident.

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