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Mersin University (MEU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine Faculty Member Prof. Dr. He was sent to Hakan Kar.

The investigation into the death of Duygu Delen, who died on 13 August after falling from the 4th floor of a 5-storey apartment in Batıkent District of Şehitkamil district, is being carried out meticulously by the Gaziantep Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In this context, a sample of the investigation file was made by MEU Faculty of Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicine, at the request of the family lawyer. Dr. Sent to Hakan Kar. The lawyer Family Omar Faruk Akan, AA correspondent, themselves and Gaziantep said that the Bar of the process followed with precision from the beginning.

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Gaziantep Republic is conducting meticulous process in the same way as the Prosecutor General’s Office, file independent Stating that sending an expert to an expert is an indication of this, Akan said, “Our professor, we will make a detailed examination of the file, we will seek answers to our questions in our petition. In particular, we will investigate whether there are other traumas in the body other than falling and falling, and whether these traumas are fatal or not. ”


Upon the notice that a person fell from the 4th floor of the 5-storey apartment building in Batıkent District of Şehitkamil district on 13 August in Gaziantep. the scene has been shipped health and police teams, the investigation has determined that the person who killed the 17-year-old feeling is Del.

“I am my voice Hear you die” Turkey

the house Mehmet K. (20) “intentional killing” and “child sexual He was arrested on charges of “abuse”. The investigation file was sent to the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute for review.

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