Within the scope of the investigation carried out by the İzmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, a study has been initiated on the suspects who were mentioned in the statements and diagnoses of some of the soldiers who were members of the organization, who were confessed, and who were found to be affiliated to the organization with a prepaid / payphone fixed line contact.

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59 working asteacher, group brother, regional demand responsible, regional university responsible, gardener, deputy director, general manager, spotter, ground clerk and doctorwithin the terrorist organization. intimate imamswere given about the arrest decision.

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City Police Department was taken to the Anti-Terror Branch Directorate of Izmir-based 28 simultaneous carried out in the province in operation 24 suspects were arrested.

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One of the suspects who were given a detention order, B.K, code nameHakan”, was in the Naval Forces intimate organization of the organization in Izmir, while R.E, with the code nameRemzi”, was also in Kocaeli. the Navy were found to show high-level activity in structuring private.

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