The incident took place at around 17.30 in the garden of an apartment building on Yenilmez Caddesi in Güllerpınarı District. Allegedly, O.A., who learned to argue with his girlfriend. The young man named (23) started shooting with a blank gun. Noticing the situation, the people around asked for help from the 112 Emergency Call Center. Upon the notice, many police teams were dispatched to the scene.

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With the arrival of the police, O.A. He said he would commit suicide by holding the gun to his head. The police tried to calm the angry young man. Resisting the police with a gun against his head, the young man saiddo not approachand opened fire in the air several times. After hours of persuasion, the team took advantage of O.A.’s moment of emptiness to grab the gun. Later, O.A. saw his journalists taking the image and walked over them. With difficulty, the police took O.A. to Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Training and Research Hospital for treatment. After his treatment here, O.A. He was released after his statement was taken at the police station. An investigation was launched.

Ministry sent to the governor! .. will be implemented in all of Turkey! Health

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