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Inner parts of Western Black Sea, Middle Black Sea, Eastern Black Sea coasts, inner parts of Muğla, Denizli, Kütahya, west of Burdur, western inner parts of Antalya, western and northern circles of Ankara, Eskişehir and Çankırı It is expected that the rainy weather in the province in general and in the north of Yozgat will be effective especially at noon.

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Meteorology According to recent assessments made by the General Directorate; Partly cloudy in the northern and inner parts of our country, Marmara except Edirne, the inner parts of the western Black Sea, the Middle Black Sea, the Eastern Black Sea coasts, the inner parts of Muğla, Denizli, Kütahya, the west of Burdur, the western inner parts of Antalya, AnkaraIt is estimated that the western and northern areas of the city, Eskişehir and Çankırı provinces in general, and other places with thunderstorms and thunderstorms, locally in the north of Yozgat, will be less cloudy. Rainfall; It is expected to be strong in Istanbul and Bursa surroundings, east of Marmara, Bolu and Düzce circles. Of the wind; Marmara and North Aegean Sea in the north and northeast, strong from the direction of south and southeast Central Anatolia (30-50 km / h) as expected blow.

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If the air temperature countries It is estimated that it will be 3-5 degrees above the seasonal normals throughout.


Rainfall; Istanbul and east of the Sea of ​​Marmara with Bursa circles, is expected in places to be strong in Bolu and Düzce environment must caution against negativity that can be experienced and cautious shall be.

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Aegean and Marmara Region It is estimated that the wind will blow strongly (40-60 Km / hour) from the north and northeast directions in the north of the region. One should be careful and cautious against the negativities that may be caused by strong winds.

The weather report in three major cities is as follows:

ISTANBUL ° C, 27 ° C

Partly and very cloudy, intermittent showers and thunderstorms until evening hours are estimated. Precipitation is expected to be strong locally.

İZMİR ° C, 31 ° C

Few clouds

ANKARA ° C, 31 ° C

Partly cloudy, after noon thunderstorms and thunderstorms locally in the north and west surroundings

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