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44-year-old Osman Çilenti, who has been working as a mosque imam for two years in the Burçalık Village of Şanlıurfa Siverek, was assigned by the Siverek Mufti’s Office to wash the corpses of those who lost their lives from coronavirus. In social media, it was claimed that this duty was given to Çilenti as a punishment because he opposed some practices in the mufti, and he was not even given equipment to protect him from the epidemic. Imam cilentana where feeling badly during the funeral washing and stated that died a few days later in life.

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According to a report Meltem Özgenç Hürriyet on these allegations Religious Affairs in motion passed. An official from the Presidency said to Hürriyet, “We are investigating the allegations on social media. An investigation was initiated into the incident. persons who neglect by the results of the investigation to be carried out necessary procedures in if you have rights, “he said.

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terrible accident in Ankara .. fled abandoning death your friends! Turkey


The Ministry of Health has published a guide on how to do morgue and burial procedures regarding COVID-19. Here are the warnings in the guide:

“Gasilhane employees must wear gloves, medical (surgical) masks, goggles-face protectors and liquid-proof aprons during funeral washing. This process should be avoided during the washing of the body because the use of pressurized water is a process that can cause splashing of infected fluids from the funeral and disease transmission.

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