Here are the Greek soldiers on Meis Island! They were photographed from Antalya while they were on patrol. The AFP announced days ago that it was landing soldiers on Meis Island, which is 2 kilometers from Antalya’s Kaş district.

International news agency AFP visited Meis Island in Greece he announced that he was landing soldiers. Antalya has been viewed 2 kilometers patrolling Greek soldiers on the island of Meis away from the town of Kas.

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The following developments in the East Mediterranean TRT World team, Antalya He filmed the patrol of Greek soldiers on the island of Meis from Kas district. TRT reporter Hüseyin Günay shared the following information:

The TRT World team captured the point 2 kilometers away from us with a tele lens. The military vehicle climbs up the hill and moves to the point under the Greek flag.

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Especially because of the high air temperature in the region, it is not possible to view the island closely because of the high evaporation.

It is an ugly step from Greece! .. It will step in to prevent it from opening! p>

AFP announced on August 28

The photos of the French news agency AFP served on August 28 with a ferry with Greek soldiers and tourists. Meis announced that in the island. came up with the news that makes Greece’s military shipments, Turkish name Kızılhisar the island of Meis, Turkey’s Antalya coast from the town of Kas only 2.1, Greece’s main land is located is 580 kilometers away.

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