The Crime Prevention and Investigation Bureau teams affiliated to Nilüfer Police Department received a notice that a henna night was held in a hall in the central Nilüfer district, Çamlıca Quarter, despite being banned within the scope of coronavirus measures.

The teams, which continued their efforts to prevent the increasing coronavirus cases in the city, took action upon notice. Despite the coronavirus measures in the raid on the hall in question, 11 people who participated in henna were fined a total of 9,900 TL from 900 lira. In addition, the groom Halil Ş., Bride Müge Y., the organizer and the hall owner, imposed a penalty of 22 thousand 500 TL for 15 people in total, from 3 thousand 150 TL to 12 thousand 600 TL. It was observed that social distance was not paid attention during the henna night.

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Resisted the police for 1 hour

Bilge A., the relative of the couple who made henna, resisted giving her identity by sayingI have a mask, you cannot punish me”. Bilge A., who kept the police teams waiting for an hour, also insulted the press members and tried to prevent them from taking pictures.

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