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The construction of the two-block, 6-storey Zübeyde Doğan Mansions in Antalya Ünsal Quarter was completed 3 years ago. Tenants and property owners moved into their homes after a while. Electricity and water subscription address was given to 60 families living in the buildings as 5134. Sokak. However, while the location of the buildings could not be reached from the street in question, approximately 200 people tried to find an alternative way to their homes.

Residents can reach their homes by a stabilized road, which is not even on maps or addresses. Citizens complained that neither the courier nor their relatives, nor the fire brigade, which would come to their homes in case of emergency, could not reach the ambulance on time. The women, who have difficulty walking on the stabilized road with baby and market cars, ask the authorities to make up for the deficiency without any negative situation.

The little child was terrified! The head of the chair sıkıştıtürki to


Housewife Melodies Yaman, said he moved to 1 year ago apartment, “Normally our way supposed to come from the left by the exit. But at the moment, we are barely able to access a broken road that is not even on the map. We are having a hard time with our vehicles and strollers. There is a pole in the middle of the road we came to, we want these troubles to be eliminated. ” Yaman, who claimed to have passed, said, “Even with our vehicles, we pass hard. It is closed to pedestrian walking. Cargo, PTT or any other courier cannot find the address in any way. We passed the food order, if we put our relatives in position, that position does not even appear. The position we take gives us a lower or upper street. Definitely our address cannot be found ”.

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Attention! New restrictions in Istanbul! Governorship duyurdutürki to

in the way we came, ROADS ARE NOT LOOK

The new stone Yusuf wedge to the site, addresses and paths that they more clearly refer to the places we needed to be done, but they could not get a result . Stating that there is a house but there is no road, Kaman said, “There is no road on the map, there is a lower and upper road, this is not the road we came from. Natural gas came to the buildings opposite us, it did not come to us. Because it doesn’t seem to be the road here. We contacted the municipalities, they told us that it will be done within the scope of planning. “

Scientists have developed a test that predicts at what age you will die! Kaman stated that they passed the couriers and even the ambulance, fire department, police could not reach the current site, “The location shows either the lower or upper street. But there is a site with two blocks here. We are here. The victimization of so many people must be eliminated. , the fire brigade cannot come. There is no street to enter our house. We have only one entrance door. We have 60 households. If they were sick tomorrow, they would not be able to find the way if there was a fire.

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