The terrifying incident took place yesterday in Atapark Neighborhood of Keçiören district of Ankara. Selman T., his ex-lover, who came to Kader T.’s house in the morning, started to argue with Kader T., who complained about him, to withdraw his complaint. Selman T., whose request was rejected, battered Kader T. and destroyed the furniture in the house. The angry man, unable to take his speed, threw the 6-year-old Pekingese dog down from the balcony of the house on the 5th floor, which is about 35 meters high, and killed him. Those moments were reflected on the security cameras of the building from moment to moment.


The dog dies Kader T., “I had complained about Selman T. because he battered me on the 2nd of the month. He came to my house yesterday morning. ‘Will you get your complaint back?’ said. When he gave me a negative answer, he battered me around 11:00 and destroyed the house. Later I saw him kick my dog. He said to me, “You can either take your complaint back, or I will kill you or harm your loved ones.While I was in shock, I saw that he took my dog ​​and threw it from the balcony.

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Stating that her lover Selman T. threw her dog into the space of the building before, Kader T. said, “In the morning, when I took the dog outside, he threw it into the apartment space and my dog’s teeth were broken.

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His neighbor Sevgi Çiftçi, who lives next to Kader T.’s building, said, “There was a voice. We went out and looked, the sound is coming from there. The man tied something blue to the dog. He threw the dog. First, I couldn’t get a dog or a child. But there was a sound. I looked the dog was writhing on the floor, I immediately grabbed the water and ran and watered his mouth. Fate sister shouted, “Is my dog ​​alive?” He could not come because his feet were trembling. I said ‘yes he is alive’. Taking it on her lap, she went out to the apartment. The dog lived on his way from here. ”The moments when Selman T. ran away from the house after the incident and the dog fell down were reflected in the security cameras in the apartments in seconds. yeni adresi olarak belirlendi. giriş işlemini yaptıktan sonra üye olarak %100 Hoşgeldin ödülü kazanabilirsin.

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