According to the information obtained, a person grazing animals in Doğançayırı locality of Havullu village of Gerede district found a rotten body in an unused highland house. Gerede District Gendarmerie Command teams, who went to the scene upon the notification of the citizen, determined that the corpse found in decomposition belongs to a man who was killed about 1 month ago.

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Since the identity of the person could not be determined due to the decay of the body, a search was made on his clothes. The driver’s license belonging to the name of Menderes Atay was found during the searches on the clothes on the body. It was found that Atay, who was learned to be engaged in nature photography, was searched for alleged rape after robbing the house of 87-year-old Samiye Güler, who lived alone in the village of Çoğullu in Gerede district, in June. Bolu to determine the cause sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute.

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