The incident occurred in Acıpayam district. Married about a month ago, R.B. (30) and H.B. The couple (28) left their homes yesterday morning and went to visit their families. The couple, who kept their wedding jewelry at home, experienced the shock of their lives when they came home. Despite searching the whole area of ​​the house one by one, the couple who could not find the gold and money worth 200 thousand TL at the wedding and the aunt Y.S. (38) made a statement by going to the gendarmerie, reporting that the jewels were stolen. Gendarmerie Criminal Investigation Team, depending on the Denizli Provincial Gendarmerie Command (JASAT) and Acıpayam County team attached to the Gendarmerie has launched large-scale investigation.

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Coins have washed in the washing machine

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After the meticulous work of JASAT, known as the detectives of the gendarmerie, YS, the bride-to-be of the person who committed the theft turned out to be. It was determined that Y.S., who took the opportunity when the couple went to the family house to kiss their hands, entered the house with the spare key he had and received 200 thousand TL worth of gold and money. While it was found that the aunt was washing the money in the searches made in her house, the gold coins were found hidden in many different parts of the house. Is expected to be sent to the court during the day’s aunt y.s.’n taken into custody.

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