Many people of the contact or positive, while the state should be in quarantine with the quarantine drilling coronavirus cases in Turkey has led to an increase.

These developments taking radical decisions on anyone who disrupts a quarantine throughout Turkey began to be placed on the country.

According to the decision, those placed in the dormitory will also pay their own expenses.

How much will these people pay daily?

According to the decision taken, those who break the quarantine and are placed in dormitories will be obliged to pay 80 TL per day.

If we assume that a person will be in quarantine for 14 days, in this case, 1 person placed in the dormitory will pay a total of 120 TL because he does not comply with the quarantine.

The full verdict is as follows:

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Leaving their homes as a result of the inspections performed when they were supposed to be in isolation at home, who were determined to act against the isolation decision, made necessary administrative procedures within the framework of the relevant circulars and sanitation board decisions, and filed a criminal complaint pursuant to Article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code. 80 TL will be collected per day for general accommodation needs such as accommodation, food and cleaning from the persons who were transferred to the dormitories allocated to complete their process and were subjected to compulsory isolation. “

It has been reported that those placed in the dormitory will pay an additional fee of 25 TL if the individual cost and special personal cleaning products such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush are requested.

It has been decided that an administrative fine will be imposed in accordance with Article 282 of the General Hygiene Law regarding those who do not comply with the measures pursuant to the decision, and according to the situation of the violation, the necessary legal proceedings will be initiated against the criminal behavior by taking action according to the relevant articles of the law.

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