The Ministry of National Education sent a circular to the National Education Directorates of 81 provinces regarding the implementation of face-to-face education that will start on September 21st. According to the circular, the period between 21-25 September, which is the first week of the opening of schools, will be allocated to the adaptation program.

The adaptation program will be carried out in the preschool education institutions and in the 1st grade of primary school as “1 day face to face education”. In case of need, the students in the classrooms will be divided in accordance with the social distance rule, taking into account the physical conditions of the school.

The days of the groups that emerge with the division of the class size will be extraordinary. The student will not be required to attend face-to-face education. Parents will be able to provide their students to continue their distance education voluntarily without making a written application. Information on how to do distance education was also included in the circular.

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All schools, launched how over the internet on how to process the parents to inform the work of the new academic year in course. Working as a counselor at Lions Secondary School on December 27, Ankara, Çankaya, Kemal C. also came together with the parents of the students through the video talk program on the internet and gave information about the new term.

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