Pakdemirli made warnings about the air temperatures across the country on his social media account. Pakdemirli stated the following in his statement:

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, September’s highest temperature records were recorded after many years. Temperatures continue to rise! It will continue to increase over the next 2 days (Thursday-Friday). Especially in our regions where temperatures will increase on 3-4 September 2020; We strongly warn the elderly, children and citizens with chronic diseases to be careful against heat stroke.

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In addition, in the visual shared by Pakdemirli, today and tomorrow, the temperatures in the inner and southern parts will exceed 8 to 12 degrees above the seasonal normals, Central Anatolia, the inner parts of the West and Central Black Sea, Inner Aegean, Lakes Region, Eastern Mediterranean and It was stated that in many provinces in the west of Southeastern Anatolia, it is predicted that the highest temperature record values ​​of September will be exceeded.

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