Guterres, in his speech at a meeting held in a virtual environment attended by young women from non-governmental organizations, pointed out that the Kovid-19 epidemic has further deepened the inequality between women and men.

The epidemic has been on gender equality and women’s rights for decades. Saying that he reversed thelimited and sensitiveprogress recorded, Guterres warned that if the relevant response is not given, a generation or more gains will be lost.

Today in the Kovid-19 nightmareCurfews, incidence increase ..! Health

Guterres stated that since the outbreak began, women have been at the forefront of combating Kovid-19 as health workers, teachers, important employees and caregivers in families and communities.

70 to 90 percent of healthcare professionals are women. Stating that only 30 percent of them can work as decision-makers, Guterres said that the epidemic’s physical and mental health, education and workforce

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Guterres stated that today millions of young girls are out of school around the world and there are scary information that adolescent pregnancies are on the rise in some countries.

In the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, adolescent Guterres said that they learned that girls of the same age may never come back when they drop out of school and they have received reports of gender-based violence at rapidly rising levels from all over the world. this increases the obstacles. It can take years or even generations to make up for the lost progress. ” and it is time to build resilient societies.

Guterres called on governments to prioritize the protection of women from gender-based violence in their national Covid-19 plans.

More than 140 governments are required Stating that taking action to identify their homes and take action to maintain and improve online services is encouraging, Guterres said that mitigating the social and economic impacts of the epidemic started with giving money to women working in formal and informal economies.

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