The incident occurred in the penthouse of a 2-storey apartment in Dumlupınar Mahallesi 242 Sokak in the evening.

Relatives found her dead body

Married and retired construction worker Sabahattin Ş., who went to the roof of his house while staying alone in the morning hours, hung himself from the ceiling with a rope. After the incident, when his relatives who came home found Sabahattin Ş., Hanging on a rope, motionless, he reported the situation to the health and police teams.

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In the control made by the health officials who came to the scene, it was determined that Sabahattin Ş. lost his life. The body of Sabahattin Ş. Was taken to the morgue of Adnan Menderes University Hospital Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy after the police investigated the scene.

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