The incident took place on Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Street in Osmangazi district last Saturday evening. According to the claim; Cuneyt A. got on the minibus with his girlfriend. The hand of Mehmet Yavaş, one of the passengers, touched Cüneyt A.’s girlfriend. Upon the reaction of the young girl whose name could not be learned, a discussion broke out between Cüneyt A. and Mehmet Yavaş. The duo descending expired, he continued to discussion.

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discussion, Junaid A.’s friends Brave A. (18) was also included. The two battered Mehmet Yavaş. The people around separated the fight. The two sides started walking in different directions. However, Cüneyt A. soon returned and started to shoot Mehmet Yavaş, who was running after him, with the hilt of the blank gun he carried on his head. After the incident, Mehmet Yavaş, who was taken to Çekirge State Hospital by the medical teams and who had a cerebral hemorrhage, lost his life.

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took action. The teams caught Cüneyt A. and his girlfriend with Cesur A. in Osmangazi district. Cüneyt A., who was detained, was arrested in the courthouse where he was transferred. Brave A. (18), was released on condition that judicial control.

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Cuneyt A. Mehmet slow that darbetim with the gun and the man on the ground The moments he kicked were reflected on the security camera for seconds. In the footage, it is seen that Cüneyt A. attacked Mehmet Yavaş from behind, and Yavaş was lying on the still ground as a result of the blows he received. Cüneyt A. hitting Yavaş with the hilt of a blank pistol in his hand and being removed from the scene by his girlfriend.

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