The person allegedly going through a family crisis in Antalya climbed the 35-meter-high siren tower. Citizens watched the action of the person like a movie from cafes and roadside.

Those who saw a person at the highest point of the 35-meter siren tower on 3878 Street in Kepez district Kültür Mahallesi reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Center.

<p Hanging his feet from the top of the tower, M.Ç. sometimes passed out. Police closed the street to pedestrian and vehicle traffic for security purposes. Citizens filmed the action of M.Ç. with their mobile phones.

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Some citizens watched the action of M.Ç. from the cafe and the sidewalk like a theater play. Even more exaggerating, some people watched M.Ç. from the motorcycle. From time to time the person grabbed the iron from his arms and dangled his feet brought hearts to mouth. Fire partys opened inflatable jumping against the possibility of canvas.

Turkish judiciary to artificial intelligence dönemitürki

​​The Fire Department’s ladder that led police negotiator therefore M.Ç. but did not get any results. Later, even if a relative of M.Ç. climbed up the stairs of the fire brigade, this time, it could not be successful.

After a while, M.Ç. M.Ç., who was searched, was taken to the police station to be testified. It was alleged that M.Ç. carried out his 2.5-hour action as a result of his wife leaving the house and settling in the shelter.

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