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In Istanbul, a woman threw her baby born in the hospital toilet. The incident took place on 25 August at Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital. According to the claim; pregnant E.U. (19) gave birth in the toilet of the hospital where she came during the night. The baby of E.U., apparently giving birth in the emergency room sayingI have bleeding”, was found in the garbage in the hospital toilet, covered with toilet paper. The baby, who was understood to be alive, was treated in intensive care. The obligation to notify Social Services Hospital, was taken to the infant state protection learned that girl.

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Here are the details:

– 23:00 were the order . E.U. He came to the emergency room of the hospital with his sister with the complaint of abdominal pain. Stating that she was not pregnant at the first examination in the hospital emergency, E.U. He then wanted to go to the emergency room’s toilet. Seeing the condition of E.U., who came out of the toilet after a while, the sister asked for help from the officers. When the security guards who came to the scene checked the toilet, they noticed the newborn baby covered with toilet paper in the garbage.

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Upon the notification of the officers, the on-duty doctor quickly went to the toilet and intervened the baby. While the mother and baby were being treated, it was found that the baby’s cord was cut and breathed. Baby getting immediately to the neonatal intensive care unit, were being treated at the mother maternity unit.

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‘I’m scared

staying with my sister E.Ü. In her testimony, she stated that she had a boyfriend and later got pregnant, went to the hospital check-up several times, but did not continue the check-ups because she feared that it would attract attention. Saying that he came to the hospital the night of the incident due to abdominal pain, E.U. She said that while she was in the toilet, the baby was born suddenly, she was shocked and scared, so she left the baby in the garbage. Intensive care treatment of the baby who clings to life continues. After the hospital informed the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services, the baby, who was learned to be a girl, was taken under state protection. The police investigation into the incident continues.

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