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The Rector’s Office was accused ofharassment, blackmail, insult and threat”. Dr. H.S.Ç. with the administrative investigation initiated, female academician Ö.G.H. The statement made on the subject from the President’s Office were recorded as follows:

Greece from striking Turkey confession! .. ‘two high-quality error yaptık’siyaset

with the press organs of social media releases, Selcuk University and our society to inform the public on the news incompatible with ethics A press release was deemed necessary for the purpose. The alleged incident between two faculty members working at our university was referred to the prosecutor’s office and an administrative investigation was initiated by the Selçuk University Rectorate immediately. In this context, in terms of salvation of the administrative investigation, is betting removed from office a member of the last two faculty continue the legal process of the subject. “

terrible accident in Ankara .. he hung on the electric poles! Turkey

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