There was horror of plumbers in Kazakhstan. Murzaeva Y. (32), who called a house and plumber to remove the water flow in her bathroom, was murdered by the plumber. According to the local media, the young woman asked the plumber for a discount on the grounds that she found the procedure too much. He started arguing with plumber Murzaeva Y., who refused to accept the discount.

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knife from his tesaitç bag with fighting the growth Murzaev Y. ‘i noted that the blades 12 in place. The assailant who stabbed his 63-year-old mother and neighbor who wanted to help Murzaeva were arrested by the police. While Murzaeva died at the scene, it was announced that her neighbor and mother, who were hospitalized, were in severe condition. yeni giriş adresi oldu. giriş sonrası %100 Hoşgeldin bonusları sunuyor.

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