Hayrettin Uçar (71), who was caught in coronavirus in Erbaa district of Tokat and recovered with 25 days of treatment in the hospital for 11 days, said: “He feels that human life has come to an end. Hayrettin Uçar, the father of 4 children living with Hafize Uçar (64), caught coronavirus last month. Uçar, who had high fever, cough, weakness and difficulty in breathing, was treated at the hospital. Hayrettin Uçar, who regained his health with a total of 25 days of treatment in 11 days in the hospital and 14 days at home, said, “I constantly measure my temperature. When my fever was 39.5, I realized that I had the disease. I went to the hospital at night. I told the situation. Let’s start your treatment immediately.They are very kind, they are working very hard. They sent it for tomography, the results came after 7 hours. The disease increased its effect after the fifth day. “

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Expressing that he felt Azrail on his neck during the illness process, Uçar said,” This disease, It is impossible for those who do not live to understand. It is not possible to explain. The human feels that his life has come to an end, that there is God in front of him and the Azrael on his neck. It is such a difficult situation. You cannot talk, you cannot eat, you cannot drink without water. All the organs have completely let go. In other words, they call it a kind of multi-organ failure, it occurs. He wants neither grandchild nor wife. He wants no one to bother me, let him talk. It is not possible to describe. Our young people do not understand this. They are kidding. They think it’s a joke. A woman I saw at the hospital said that she did not use a mask until it happened to her. Don’t let our people make fun of this.

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