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In Japan, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) presidential election was won by Cabinet Chief Secretary and Government Spokesperson Suga Yoşihide. Currently LDP MP, Cabinet Chief Secretary and Government Spokesperson Suga, former Foreign Minister and LDP Policy Research Council Chair Kishida Fumio, and former Defense Minister and former LDP Secretary General Isiba Shigeru competed to become LDP leader.

71-year-old Suga was elected as the party leader by taking 377 of 534 votes in total, which included the votes of LDP deputies and the party’s state representatives.

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From the votes of 393 members of the party, Suga got 288, and Isiba 26 votes, with a total of 141 votes including 3 votes from each of the LDP’s 47 state representatives, 89 for Suga, 42 for Isiba and 10 for Kishida. It ended.

Suga is expected to be appointed as prime minister at the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives (Shuugiin) on Wednesday, September 16.

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