A person named Ferhat Yıldız, who lives in Bursa, saved money for a while to buy a new car. Yıldız, who went to the dealer to buy a new car after collecting the necessary money, took the necessary actions. He made the entire payment on the 28th of the month, after taking out and depositing the 60 thousand lira missing from the total vehicle money on the 25th of the month. While we were waiting impatiently for the day when he made the procedures to get the car and get his car, the SCT rates of zero cars changed. Yıldız, who thought that this SCT change would not affect him because he made the payment, was shocked at the dealer where he went with the dream of buying his vehicle three days later. According to the allegation, after the SCT change, another 55 thousand lira was asked for the vehicle he paid for. However, Yildiz, who did not accept the payment of 55 thousand liras to be made, stated that he made all the payment for the new vehicle he will buy before the SCT increase, and that he would complain. Yildiz, who is currently unable to get his vehicle and is in the middle with the loan he has taken, wants his grievance to be remedied.

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We have paid all the money Friday

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that made the process before the excise duty hike, however, citing the excise duty hike claiming that money again requested Ferhat Stars, “the month We came to the dealer to pick up the vehicle on Tuesday, the 25th. We have withdrawn 60 thousand lira from a private bank within the dealer, using an interest-free loan for 12 months. Later we paid all the money on Friday. On Monday, friends inside demanded 55 thousand liras more, saying that the SCT was raised, we cannot give a car at this price. We had a little meeting in the morning. Later, they called in the evening and offered to pay 30 thousand of the SCT difference and 20 thousand liras. We also issued a warning. They want a difference from a law that is not passed. Although I make my payment on the 28th, they do not give my vehicle. They cite the SCT increase as justification. I have started the necessary legal proceedings and I have already taken a warning letter. It is not a right thing to exploit people so much. ” They sold the car to us for 276 thousand liras, when I do not buy the car, they will sell it to someone else for 55 thousand liras. I made the entire payment for the car with the loan I took on the 25th of the month. It has been 6 days now, I will pay the first installment of the loan on the 25th of the month, but there is no car. I like to avail loans attracted, “he said.

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On the other hand, we have their phone contact dealers officials said they would make any statement on this issue.

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