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Harun Yıldız (51) shot and killed her daughter Şeyma Yıldız (17), whom she bought with her vehicle while leaving the classroom, on February 6, in Çubuk Kargın District. The father, who surrendered by calling the police, was arrested in the courthouse where he was referred. A lawsuit was filed against Baba Yıldız by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, demanding aggravated life imprisonment for the crime of “deliberately killing a descendant relative”.

The mother did not complain

HarunYıldız was connected to the current hearing of the trial held at the Ankara 33rd High Criminal Court with SEGBİS from the prison she is in. At the hearing where party lawyers and the relatives of the defendants were present in the courtroom, the request for participation of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform and the Ankara Bar Association was rejected. The Shtyry Hassan President of the Court on the question of the mother Emine Yildiz, said he was not suffering from prisoners husband.

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The Stars rested brother İlhami as a witness that there is no problem between sister with his father, said: “Event After breakfast, Şeyma rushed up from the table to reach the classroom. Meanwhile, my father asked Şeyma, ‘Are you going out without kissing me, my daughter?’ in a way that I had never witnessed before. Şeyma also left the house after kissing my father. This incident happened in the evening. My father came from out of town three days before the incident. There was no change in his behavior towards us. But I realized that he could not sleep at night.

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Brother Yıldız, stated that his father did not tell them that his sister had inappropriate images on the internet.

Not Şeyma in the images

Court President Şatır said that the person in the images that he claimed to be the father’s daughter He stated that he had an expert report that he was not Şeyma Yıldız.

The defendant’s lawyer, who was asked for his opinion on the expert report, demanded that his client is confident about this issue, and that the images can be watched again by providing the defendant with internet.

The lawyer of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, the request was rejected and demanded that the defendant be punished without any discount.

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me will be punished not care ‘

promised accused Harun Yıldız “If you give me whatever punishment I do not care. I’ve already asked you I am bitter about the death of my daughter’s sentence I just want the images to be investigated again. ”

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announced the prosecutor deliberations

At the trial, prosecutors explaining the legal argument of the defendant’s historic event in the 17-year-old daughter, declaring that hard that committed the intentional killing for Şeyma Stars demanded aggravated life imprisonment. The hearing has been postponed.

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