In Darıca district of Kocaeli, A.Y. (34) was detained for alleged sexual abuse by taking her neighbor’s 5-year-old daughter into her home. A.Y. was sentenced to house arrest until the first hearing.

The incident took place yesterday in Darıca. Allegedly A.Y. He took his neighbor’s daughter A.E., who lived on the ground floor of the apartment, into her house and sexually abused her. A.E. told the family about the situation.

After the family went to the police and complained, A.Y. was taken into custody. Expert pedagogue, A.E. met with. A.E. In his meeting with the pedagogue, although AY said that he brought an empty suitcase and put him inside, the bell rang, that the person who came after the door was opened was AY’s son, cried out of fear and wanted to go home, referring to AY’s son, “He goes now. , I leave the house you later “he said, but he did not explain himself more crying over it sent home and events to families.

Old Fatih Karagümrük Chairman Yasar Ecim the shooting moment images to tv100 ulaştıtürki to

Today the police department operations and then were referred to court MOON He was sentenced to house arrest by the court where he was taken.

The father of the girl told that they lived

A.E.’s father, T.E. Saying that her abused daughter was playing games with A.Y.’s young child in the garden, and after a while they went up together to get the bag of A.Y.’s child, she said: “ When they went up to get the bag, A.Y. He sent back his own child alone and asked my daughter to find toys in the rooms inside. Later, he detained my child, undressed and put it in the empty suitcase he brought. When my child said that he wanted to go home, he did not leave and locked the door. After a while, his own child came and rung the bell, and A.Y. opened the door and said to his child, ‘You go down there, she will come’, referring to my daughter. Meanwhile, my child escaped through the open door and told his mother, ‘Mom, I will tell you something disgraceful’. My wife, on the other hand, after A.Y. explained the issue to her husband, A.Y. But our child told us everything. He said that his clothes were taken off, his luggage was taken off, and his skirt was removed. “

Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay became advertising stars. He called 3 times, no sir, his internet was over, his card was blocked, “Are you at home?” I told him I was at work when he asked, unless it happened at the same time. So he was controlling me. We went to the police and made a complaint.

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