Citizens who took action said, “We cannot leave our house because of this Covid 19 and this smell makes us nervous.” Approximately 10 people were hospitalized and 8 people were treated in an outpatient setting.

The incident took place in the central district of Kestel in the evening. According to the information obtained, residents of the neighborhood claimed that a gas emission from a factory’s chimney occurred, and took action by going outside their doors. They stated that they will collect a large number of signatures and forward them to the relevant authorities. A few hours ago, approximately 10 people were taken to the hospital with complaints of nausea, vomiting and headache, while 8 people were treated on an outpatient basis by medical teams who received notice.

Gas smell It burns our throats

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Mesut Akça said, “We felt a burning smell on the way home from work at 6 o’clock in the evening. We did not understand what it was. We thought it was a bag burn. We could guess that it was caused by the cement factory here. There were smells. But that was not so. Today’s line was disturbing at the stage. The smell increased even more in the following hours. The neighbors even started to go out to the balconies one by one. Fire crews suspected of fire came to the neighborhood. We learned that they burned solid waste at certain intervals. People were taken to the hospital. Our expectation is that there are no such odors, that these factories that pollute the environment should be taken care of. After all, it is an issue that affects human life. there are people, there are old people. When we consider the epidemic process, we think that a little more attention should be paid. “

We do not want to die

Neighborhood resident Özlem Kaplan, “Most people were poisoned. The ambulance came. This is not the event tonight. It is burned every two days, but this smell was not that heavy. Since we moved here, we cannot sleep from the dust, dirt, truck noise. Our doors, our windows are constantly closed. We do not want to die. Our health is for us.” We want something to be done. We very closed. fearing the coronavirus that, now we are afraid of it, ” he said.

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