High Geophysical Engineer Prof. Dr. Övgün Ahmet Ercan stated that the 4.7 magnitude earthquake that took place in Korkut district of Muş showed that there was a tension in this region, “In the future, this region will be pregnant with an earthquake larger than 6.

Varto is an earthquake zone here. There was a big earthquake here and there was a great destruction. In my opinion, he is currently doing his exercises.

“I expect an earthquake between 6 and 7”

Muş Bitlis and Ercan stating that stretched from Bingham, “in the loop of the North Anatolian fracture on the one hand while trying to finish the west going east. did the Van earthquake in 2011.

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behind it intervening Bitlis, Mus, filling the portion of Bingol again will begin to take the right path to slap right in Erzincan. so this is a warning of high quality for us. 4.6 – an 4.7 magnitude earthquake is a small earthquake, but shows you stretch this region. so the earthquake in Turkey 5 It should never forget that 0 is on the North Anatolian rupture.

This earthquake has the possibility of reaching magnitudes up to 8. But my expectation is an earthquake between 6 and 7 here, “he said. yeni adresinden giriş yapabilirsiniz. başarılı bir site ancak sizlere

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