For Brigadier General Sezgin Erdoğan, who was martyred as a result of a heart attack in Idlib, where he served, preparations were made in front of the house of his mother Esma Erdogan, who lives in the Esenler District, before the ceremony to be held in Çanakkale. Two big Turkish flags were hung on the house, a condolence tent was set up. it is, though. he was my only son. I had against me great affection. four had my daughter. We lost someone my daughter. son exceeded all the same to me, “he said.

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Brigadier General Sezgin Erdogan Explaining that he decided to become a soldier at a very young age, Esma Erdogan said, “He decided to become a soldier when he was young. He and I wanted to be a soldier too. He could not do this duty if he did not want to, my son. This duty is a very heavy duty. He was a commando. He said to him, “My son do not leave the commando unit.” His father was right then. He said, “Dad, I want him.” you will be sad Choose another department, not necessarily a commando ‘he said. And I said, ‘Let people do what they want, whatever they want, they are happy if they do it’. He chose to be a commando, but it was a heavy duty. 12 years passed on that side. He was appointed to Istanbul on 30 August. From there he was sent to Hatay. He said that he got his rank there.

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Stating that he saw his son Sezgin Erdogan last year when he came to Çanakkale during the Eid al-Adha, Esma Erdogan said:

“I have been there since then. i haven’t seen it since. I went longing for my baby. It burns me. If I had seen it once, and if we had hugged each other so much, if he died after that, maybe I wouldn’t have burned that much. But it burns a lot. He was yawning the last time we met, my son said, ‘I am very tired’ when I asked him if he was sleepless. But time job whenever he wants to be once killed it came from. “

Fuat Oktay announced: starting again from September 25 … Turkey

sister from the Dardanelles to live in Germany and funeral Sebiha Eren (56) crying, “My brother was a very good person. He had a heart like gold, he was clean and generous. We talked on the phone 3 weeks ago, but we haven’t met face to face for 3 years, “he said.

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