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The new transfer of the Super League teams Yeni Malatyaspor, midfielder Christian Cueva, said in the statement published on the website of the club that Yeni Malatyaspor attracted his attention with the struggle in Europe last season. Cueva said, “ One of the reasons I came here is that the club showed itself and went to Europe last season. Last season it started well and did good work, these caught my attention. I wanted to experience walking the same path with a club with dreams and desires . ” used expressions.

“We will try to do the best we can”

voicing Turkey that followed the Super League and be foreign to the team Cueva, “ Super League is very challenging, very difficult league. I also followed a lower league, to come to Super League, a great struggle and It is not easy to come to this league, Yeni Malatyaspor also stepped into the Super League, made great efforts and sacrificed. We will try to do our best in this league.
Expressing that Arturo Mina, who played the ball in the Super League, told him about the league and was effective in coming to Yeni Malatyaspor, Cueva said:

“We will compete in a difficult league, we will do everything we can. We want to be a great club. If I say that I will be ready for the league in two weeks, but I will be 100% ready, it would be a lie, but I will be 80% ready. Let me say that it is a difficult environment during the pandemic process when there is a new type of corona virus. If you are happy in a club, you will adapt very quickly. If you feel good, you will get ready much faster. I am happy in this club, I will prepare for the league quickly. Fans said ‘welcome’ to me on social media, I saw this. Together, we can achieve many things. ”


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