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Saying that they were not ready, Güneş used the following statements: “Not only young and new players played well, we did not play well as a team. You see that our talented players are not quite ready. We played under the game we thought. Of course we could play the current squad, but there are two games in a row. We thought that players can keep their form earlier, but it did not happen. Pandemic, late ending of leagues can increase some of the problems in making the squad. We will play two matches, we do not know which player can handle how much. It was not as we thought, but we cannot do negativity over a few players. , we couldn’t do what we thought. “


Noting that the reason for the loss against Hungary is not the system, the experienced technical man said: “We have players who can play both 3 and 4. But the cause of our loss is not the system. We are not ready yet. We cannot handle this only with the system, the system helps us. When we think of as a team that considers the necessities of football, systems are set up. We take care of them. “


Defending today’s defeat on the basis of position and player, Şenol Güneş said, “Left-right, he played, instead of this we played, we were negative as the whole team. The team is also responsible for what I did. We wanted to start well, but this is the format of the League of Nations. We could not see many of our players in March, when would we see the players we could not see that day, even today? The efficiency of all the players was below their real efficiency. Our players are talented, qualified and character. Not being able to play the game we want today does not show that they are bad players.


To the question of “Could the national team be gathered sooner”, Güneş said, “We made this gathering difficult even. We tried to collect it 1 week ago. We are already in the shadow of the pandemic. Everything related to how long the players in the teams worked. There are those who worked in 15-20 days but did not play any matches. There are those who came here after doing 2 training sessions. Physically, we reflected the best ones on the field, we wanted to see them. We will see and evaluate them. We will not think that the outgoing players are completely gone. When we give new players a chance, we will include the others.


Expressing that Hungary started with appetite, Şenol Güneş said, “At the beginning of the game, the opponent was more ready to play with appetite and tough. They played hard at the beginning. Many of our attacks were cut by fouls. It is necessary not to lose the ball very easily, we lost a lot of balls, we could not win the ball, they won. We were lacking in these matters “.

Meanwhile, Hungary coach Marco Rossi said that the game is a very good start and I was surprised that this is the beginning of Turkey. Rossi expressed his congratulations on his players for good football in the first half.


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