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Erdogan’s statements are as follows:

This is the reason why Turkish democracy hit the bottom and rose. Our nation has called this place Yaslıada for years and has been threatened with the fate of Adnan Menderes and his friends for 60 years, especially in the struggle for the manifestation of the will of the nation.

The pain of the youth, who were executed on September 12, from right to left, has caught our hearts for years.

We continue the struggle for freedom and independence in every field, we put an end to the bans, and made the national will prevail again.

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  1. HARUN dedi ki:

    superbahis kazandırmıyorlar veya ödemiyorlar.

  2. YAKUP İLKER dedi ki:

    superbahis tek maça bahis seçeneği nedir?

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